10 Colombian Cities with the Hottest Women

In terms of food you get to enjoy a full range of European dishes, but with strong French influences. If you’re looking for a candlelit restaurant, with great views and even better food, then you’ll want to add Casa San Isidro to your list of potential locations for a future date. One thing we need to mention here is aguardiente, which is the local drink of choice. This literally translates to “hot water”, and it’s neat alcohol brewed from sugar cane. The mixologists here are just shy of being magicians, and the owner of the bar hangs around to chat with guests. If you’re looking for a low key cocktail experience – with some tapas thrown in for good measure – you’ll https://bestlatinwomen.com/bogota-women/ enjoy the vibe of Huerta Bar. This is one of the more stylish venues in Bogota for going on a date, but still informal enough so that you won’t feel out of place.

All funds raised through our annual membership dues, as well as those raised through our activities and events, go towards meeting our yearly commitment tothese local charitable foundations. “Memory is the mother of the arts,” she says, explaining the idea behind the Women, Land and Memory collective’s use of crafts in pursuit of catharsis to overcome the wounds left by Colombia’s decades of armed conflict. You can definitely expect more flaking as compared to women in Bogota. Now let’s talk about the different parts of the country and how they differ in the ability to meet women as a foreigner.

  • As with most other Latin American cities, shopping malls are an excellent place to meet girls during the day.
  • To avoid legal challenges, the mayor stated that the men’s curfew was strictly voluntary.
  • This study provides insights of realities of this specific population and their perspectives regarding their experiences as young mothers.
  • The real problem with HIV here is that a Colombian guy with several girlfriends infects every single of them, but they have no idea they’re carrying the virus.
  • As such, consider some romantic gestures while you’re trying to impress the woman of your dreams.
  • According to the national health survey in Colombia, the proportion of adolescents who were pregnant was higher among internally displaced persons than among adolescent population who has not been forced to migrate .

Places to meet women near you during the day will come next, and then a great online dating site which is an awesome resource for any guy will be mentioned. According to the national health survey in Colombia, the proportion of adolescents who were pregnant was higher among internally displaced persons than among adolescent population who has not been forced to migrate . In Colombia, 13.8% of internally displaced girls aged 15–16 are pregnant, as compared to 7.5% of girls of the same age who have not been displaced. Among girls aged 17–19, 36.4% of internally displaced girls have experienced pregnancy, compared to 28.4% of non-internally displaced girls of the same age . This occurs in a country where the overall incidence of pregnancy in adolescence is still high, with a prevalence of 19,5% – one of the highest in Latin America . In Colombia, there are some anthropological studies regarding pregnancy in adolescence. De la Cuesta argued that pregnancy in adolescence in Colombia occurs in the context of a relationship where rules of romantic love and gender guide the behaviour of girls and men .


Part of what makes Bogota special is that a lot of people have migrated to the capital from other parts of the country. Thus, you’re going to find young women living alone or living with roommates, and so they don’t have that family structure in place. That is because, for the most part, nightlife in Colombia is really about going out with the people you know instead of going out and meet other people like the case is in Western countries such as the United States or England. And so unless the bar or the club you’re planning to go is very westernized, which could be true in the capital of Bogota for the most part you should really not rely on nightlife to meet women.

Most important to Mockus was his campaign about the importance and sacredness of life. Contributing to this success was the mayor’s inspired decision to paint stars on the spots where pedestrians had been killed in traffic accidents.

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Well, not unless you get yourself wrapped up with a prepagas , in which case you’re in for a rough and expensive couple of nights. They have slightly lighter colored skin than most other Colombian women, but the usual flowing dark hair and hazel eyes you expect to find with pretty much any South American girl.

Their main focus in life is not pursuing some kind of independency, a job or a career. Of course there also are women that are not like that in Medellin, Cali and other Colombian cities but in GENERAL most Bogota men would agree with me.

And that means the woman takes care of the house she cooks and cleans. Supports you emotionally, but she expects you to go out and to conquer the world, so to speak. Very old school thinking and that is very, very prevalent in Colombia.

It makes things super easy to simply swipe left and right and be immediately matched with cute women. But for more serious and higher quality women I would highly recommend a site called Colombian Cupid which is a site where a couple of my good friends met their quality girlfriends and their future wives. The first day it could consist of things like maybe sitting at a bar. Having a couple of drinks, maybe a quick dinner, and then possibly going out dancing later on. Dancing is a big deal in Colombia and pretty much every single person, or at least the majority of the people.

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