4 years sober + 4 tips for sobriety without AA Matt Hunt

I find that just listening to others is serving them. Service was the missing component that let me fail so many times. Some AA meetings meet in person, while others meet online. Typically, the leader will open the meeting, and give new attendees the chance to introduce themselves. There will be a time of discussion, which could be based on a specific topic from AA literature, such as Alcoholics Anonymous , Twelve Steps, or Daily Reflections. You can attend AA meetings for as long as you want to. In fact, it’s encouraged that if you are a recovering alcoholic, you continue to attend meetings even years into your recovery.

get sober without aa

Our treatments are tailored to serve each person’s unique needs. We support many treatment goals, including both abstinence and moderation.

I Outgrew AA and Still Stayed Sober — It’s More Common Than You Think

Being happy with a sober life means replacing your unhealthy drug or alcohol addiction with meaningful, fulfilling activities. Relapse prevention and long-term sobriety can include many different things. Most people need to continue outpatient therapy, attendsupport groups, and find purpose in their everyday life to stay sober. Substance Use for Teens Explore individualized treatment programs that help teens with drug abuse, mental health, and co-occurring conditions. We know that many people quit or cut back on drinking without getting help from community organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous or from rehab centers or doctors. Many quit drinking without any help at all, even from a stop drinking app like Drinker’s Helper.

get sober without aa

Regardless of the difference in our needs, the most important thing is that we just don’t drink. Your sobriety is your own, and how get sober without aa you do it is entirely up to you. In AA specifically, meeting people who have lived through relapse and recovery cycles is common.


If someone wants to continue in recovery, they will find a way to do so. Equally, if someone wants to return to use, they can do so in the rooms or outside of them. And we should not shame or ridicule either of those choices. Kelly believes this journey of recovery needs to be more widely accepted.

  • We provide a personalized support group in your pocket, plus over 75 exercises you can do to motivate yourself to keep going with your goal of quitting or cutting back on drinking.
  • Researchers stated that mindfulness techniques for addiction usually target addictive behaviors like cravings, and teach you how to apply these techniques in everyday life.
  • It is safer to abstain from alcohol under professional care, and it’s more likely that you will get and stay sober.
  • And we’ve become experts at differentiating between the two because it’s our own selves that are at risk of being washed away.

At TruHealing Centers across the country, we work with you on an individual basis to find an addiction treatment plan tailored to your needs. If you need help, many of us at Amatus have been where you are, struggling with our own Substance Use Disorders. Visit amatusrecoverycenters.com to learn more about how we can support you. Going to a 12-Step program or other support group offers encouragement and support for your long-term recovery. Many treatment centers encourage you to find a support group that will work for you.

Binge Drinking is Not Always Alcoholism

Everyone who gets sober is encouraged to seek help from family, friends who are positive influences, people who have been through the same thing, and professionals https://ecosoberhouse.com/ like therapists or psychologists. Sobriety is a journey, and a destination; and there are always people around to assist you along the way.

Developed by Dr. John D. Sinclair, the Sinclair Method is an evidence-based treatment for AUD that involves taking naltrexone. That’s likely millions of people — and might very well include you. You can also check your insurance coverage online now.

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